Our Club History

Book Proposal

Official History of the Rotary Club of Broadwater Southport

Suggested Title: "Stronger Together, a History  of the Rotary  Club of Broadwater Southport"

President Rod West has proposed that Broadwater Southport Rotary Club record an official history of the Club. In Rotary's lOOth year, this book will celebrate the endeavours of the Rotary Club of Broadwater Southport and honour those who have contributed to the success of our Club and highlight our projects and achievements over 40 years of service to our Community. A sub-committee is to be formed to publish this book by June 30, 2022.
Themes: History, people, events, projects, personal anecdotes.
To start the project off, Director International, Dennis O'Brien, has compiled a draft flip-book introducing our Service Projects and Fund Raisers over recent years.
As Members gather their thoughts and resources for the proposed book, please email them to me in an A4 document if you would like them included here for circulation amongst Members.